Separator and Guardrail

Giá bán: Liên hệ

    • Separators and Guardrail are produced by JY Steel Processing Vietnam Co., Ltd. with diversified models, product lengths according to standards, or according to customers’ design requirements. Production materials are imported from foreign countries or other famous joint venture companies in the country
    • Separators – Guardrail is produced on modern machinery lines, from cutting, joining, punching … to ensure the accuracy and ability to assemble easily and advantage.
    • Standard length of soft spreading households: 2.32m; 3.32m; 4.14m; 4.32m. Products are hot dip galvanized with quality galvanized according to ASTM A-123, or painted red and white with specialized traffic paint according to standard 22TCN 237-01.
    • Products manufactured by JY Steel Processing Vietnam Co., Ltd meet the following criteria: AASHTO M 180 Standard and 22TCN 237-01 Standard.